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Down-To-Earth Craft Brews and Food

Brewin' It For The Right Reasons

Born and brewed over 15 years ago in our Oxford basement, the HomeGrown mission has always been a simple one: Opening our doors to provide good beer to good people. This sense of hospitality is in our roots.


The road to producing fantastic brews has been a long one. Mistakes have been made and lessons have been learned. Beers have been consumed. Drawing boards have been revisited. But eventually award-winning beers were created. After years of honing the craft, and finding the perfect facility in our home town, we are ready to share our carefully cultivated, local, product.


We want to tone down the exclusivity of the craft beer scene. Our beers don't have elite attitudes, they have unique personalities. Creativity is a cornerstone of HomeGrown brewing but our product will always maintain the modest sensibility to taste good. We want to get back to what breweries should be about: making you an amazing pint.


Slow down. Unplug. We can't wait for you to enjoy some top-notch, locally-sourced, small-batch craft brews with us.

John and Marie in their HomeGrown Hop Yard

HGBC owners John and Marie Powers bring their passion for great brews, food, and hospitality to their home town.

good things

Let's not be average. We understand much of this time is a forced requirement of you doing that thing called a "job". However, we feel that time is much better spent drinking a quality beer and talking to another real-life human being. Let's get back to being "in-person people".


Planting our brewing roots right here in our home town seems all too natural for us. This turn-of-the-century brick building has amazing historical character and we have preserved and embellished this. This historic building is the perfect place to harken back to the days of old school entertainment and socialization.


Our 5,300 sq ft facility accommodates such old-timey activities as real conversation and human interaction. Our open floor plan  won't make you feel like you're crammed into a highschool cafeteria. Our second level overlooking downtown is the perfect place to host your private event. Our patio is designed to capitalize on one of the largest outdoor dining areas in downtown Oxford. Sit by the fire and relax. If you are more the active type, our dart boards, wall games, and backyard area should keep you entertained (no data plan required).


We urge you to take it a bit slower and enjoy some down time. Text less and talk more. Smile with your face, wink with your eye. And for the love of everything decent, no more emojis.



Good Things Come in Small Fermenters
Brewing Small By Design

Our Approach to Brewing: small by design.

By focusing on small-batch brewing made with locally-sourced ingredients we ensure you will be consuming the freshest product possible. Our custom 5-barrel system is being built right here in Michigan by the fine gentlemen at Psychobrew. The flexibility of this smaller system will allow us to keep our brews fresh, not only in taste, but in selection as well. We will offer a dynamic, rotating selection that compliments the ever-changing seasons of our home state.  


We want everyone to feel they are a part of the brews they consume and learn more about the process behind the beverage they love. We will be showing off our shiny new toys by keeping the brewing equipment in full view of our main dining area. It won't be uncommon for you to see the latest small-batch being brewed only feet away from your table.


From our traditional Belgian Wit to our rich Chocolate Stout, HomeGrown's small-batches will exemplify what classic styles are all about. We will keep our core selection of beers approachable and impressive. We would love nothing more than to be the brewery that converts you from the mass-produced to the carefully-crafted. These beers will please year round while we have fun turning out creative experimental brews on a weekly basis. We can be your training wheels on the road of craft beers. For those of you who are more well-versed, do not worry. These small tanks are fully capable of yielding BIG beers for the connoisseur looking for something bold. The small-batch approach is everyone's friend!







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