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Current Tap List

Our rotating beer selection changes regularly - give us a call to make sure the one you're after is still available. Make sure to check out our flagship offerings below.

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Or at  least a very close second to the hokey pokey

Our beers don't have an ATTITUDE... they have personality.  Our brews will comfort the newly acquainted craft beer fan, all the while impressing even the most critical aficionado.  We feature 6 year-round flagship beers as well as a plethora of creative seasonal and experimental selections to compliment Michigan's full-bodied seasons. Scroll down to see what awaits you at our family-operated tap-house.

Oxford Ale

American Cream Ale - 4.5ABV 16 IBU

This is our go-to beer if you're new to the craft brew scene or are just looking for a refreshing drop. It's a smooth operator, light-bodied, easy-drinking and a crowd pleaser. Malt sweetness perfectly balanced with just a touch of hop bitterness make this one a reliable local.

This original style from our head brewer was born from a mistake and refined with time. It's made with a healthy dose of classic American hop varieties and a 50/50 wheat/barley base. Caramel malts provide the deep amber color and add some malty complexity to this hearty, yet well-balanced and smooth-drinking Amber Ale.

Whamber Ale

Amber ALE- 5.1ABV 29IBU

PollyAnn Witbier

Belgian Whitbier - 5.1ABV 15IBU

Our Belgian wheat beer is a classy act. Cloudy and pale, the delicious base of wheat and malted barley is rounded off with a hint of citrus. This is usually a summer thirst-quencher, yet the complex flavors and slight spiciness will have your tastebuds singing any time of the year.

Avery Brown

English Brown Ale - 5.3 ABV  31IBU

Avery Brown was a local wolftrapper back in the day (and one of the first to settle the town of Oxford). Like it’s namesake, this brew is a good friend to have in the long winter months. The roasted malts in this American Brown Ale bring out notes of chocolate and caramel. If you like ‘em a little nutty, then this one is for you.

Ruck-a-Chuck IPA

India Pale Ale - 6.7 ABV  55IBU

This is the hop-lover’s beer. We got American malt together with Australian Galaxy hops to have a party on your tongue. A strong bitterness, kept in check by a respectable malt addition, really shows off the unique tropical fruitiness from our southern hemisphere hop selection.

Steamboat Stout

American Stout - 6.0 ABV 37 IBU

“Building a Steamboat” is our brewer’s retort if you ever ask him what he’s been up to. In reality, he’s been creating this soulful, American stout - a brew that requires a generous use of roasted malts (and some rather heavy lifting). Rich, dark-bodied and lightly-hopped, this flavorful pint is reassuringly smooth to drink and hints at coffee and chocolate.

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Seasonal Selection

This is where our brewers really branch out. Check in to see what our rotating seasonals and limited brews are.

A word from our brewmaster

HomeGrown has set out from the start to create "Down-to-Earth" craft brews. We focus on brewing great examples of classic styles and we strive to keep a very drinkable portfolio. We use local, Michigan ingredients whenever possible and are always striving to improve our process to make your beer taste better.


But, some of you may be asking "WHERE ARE THE BIG BEERS!? WHERE ARE THE SOURS!? WHERE IS THE WEIRDNESS!?" Fear not! In addition to our 6 core beers, which we will aim to have available at all times, we have reserved 10 taps to host an ever-changing list of seasonal and experimental brews (think double IPA, pumpkin ale, coffee porter, wild yeast strains, and barrel aged imperial stouts...) These tap handles will keep you coming in weekly to see what is going on.

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