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We Source from some amazing people, Allow us to introduce our...

Coffee Dealer

Each week Brad and Bryan from White Pine Coffee arrive at our place with a sack full of our favorite caffeine fix. These Pontiac-raised gents run a small-batch roastery in Lake Orion (and getting kinda famous). Their brews are a key ingredient in our Coffee Porter, and you can also order their coffee off our menu to enjoy anytime….mmmmm, coffee….

Hop Farmers

Hard-working folks at MI Local Hops (just outside Traverse City) supply most of our hops. One of the coolest varieties we get from them is called “Michigan Copper”, developed in Michigan, and helps bitter our Ruck-A-Chuck IPA and a some seasonal brews. The farm owners, Jason and Mark, are Traverse City lads who have gone big time, supplying Bells, Founders, New Holland…oh, and us!

Fresh Tomatoes

Wherever we can, we get the produce for our made-from-scratch kitchen from local farms, fresh markets and organic suppliers. One of the advantages if living in the northern part of Oakland County is being surrounded by farms and dedicated growers - and we want to support them. A great resource for finding growers near you is the fabulous foodie site Taste the Local Difference, check it out!


Bob’s been working with bees for 20 years, and is the owner of Golden Harvest Apiaries in Almont. His golden harvest goes into our Witbier and Honey Lager, and gets used in our kitchen to sweeten some tasty morsels. We also try to steal some of Bob’s BuckWheat honey whenever we can, ‘cause it’s DELICIOUS…particularly in a Belgian Dubbel!

Base Malt Supplier

All of our base malt comes from RAHR in Minnesota, which is unique for its fossil fuel-free malting plant. A hundred per cent of the energy used in the plant comes from a biomass-powered boiler (the first of its kind in the US, and only the second one in the world). Pretty cool, huh? And you thought malt was just a simple grain….


Motor City Malthouse owners Tom and Dan got sick of seeing malted barley come from big factories out West, so decided to open their own micro malt house, one of the first in Detroit since the prohibition era. All of our specialty malt comes from them and you can check out their malty goodness in our Whamber especially.

Happy Cow Consumers

After our brewers are done with the grain used to make your beer, we pass it on to the cows at Upland Hills Farm, who get a feed out of it. Don’t worry, it’s non-alcoholic. UHF is a community stalwart, with summer camps & open days, and owners Leslie and Steve have provided employment for every broke teenager in our family as camp counselors. About time we gave something back…

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